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A Guide to Driving in Fog

an image of a car driving safely in the fog

The fog can present some of the, statistically, most hazardous driving conditions. It is, therefore, extremely important to take into consideration the best practices for driving when visibility is poor as this can help keep yourself and other drivers safe.

Here at Ken’s Autos, we have put together a quick guide of things to consider when you are presented with the challenge of driving in the fog.


The right combination of lights to use for your car when driving in fog is often debated, but the best course of action is to use your low beam lights and fog lights (if your car has them fitted). This provides the most effective combination of showing you the road ahead (using high beam lights will refract off the fog itself and make it even more difficult) and make it clear to other drivers where you are.

Distance and Speed

Another highly contentious aspect of driving in the fog is the distance you should keep to the car in front. In normal driving conditions, around 2-3 seconds is recommended, so around 5-6 seconds should leave you enough time to react when driving in the fog.

Your speed is obviously something that can’t be constant at any time, but it’s important to take it nice and steady in the fog and keep your speed lower than the speed limit of the area. As we get used to the fog, we are often also victim to speeding up and getting over-confident. Avoid this by keeping an eye on the speedometer and keeping your speed at a slower pace than you would usually use in the area.

Additional Tips

There are some further tips that all tie into the aforementioned but can be some useful, additional safety precautions to take when driving in fog.

Firstly, do things like signalling and braking earlier (and in a more controlled manner, in the case of braking).

You should also use your demisters and windscreen wipers to keep all of the glass in your vehicle as clear as possible. The buildup of residual moisture on the windscreen – whether internal or external – can be more difficult to spot with the hindrance of the god, so it’s especially important to stay on top of this.

Finally, it can be a good idea to open your windows and turn off any music when driving in the fog – especially when you are approaching junctions and are struggling to see if anything is coming. You should be able to hear traffic before you see it when the fog is especially thick.

Take Especial Care

Naturally, the overarching theme for driving in fog is to take especial care and use your other senses to inform you on the world around you. When the fog is extremely dense and visibility is seriously reduced, you should always consider the importance of your journey before making it and avoid driving unless absolutely necessary.

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