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Preparing Your Car for Winter

an image of preparing a car for winter

Care and precautions are important to take when it comes to driving your vehicle all year round, but winter is perhaps one of the most dangerous seasons for driving in. That means you should consider taking especial care with your journeys, and also prepare yourself and your vehicle for challenging conditions.

Here at Ken’s Autos, we have a lot of experience in helping drivers get their vehicles ready for the colder months, so we have shared some of our key tips below.

Under the Bonnet

There are things you need to take care of under the bonnet all year round. Fluids such as oil, screenwash, coolant, etc., are all important for your car’s general running. You should uphold this attention throughout winter as well.

Make sure your radiator coolant is topped up with the right specifications for your vehicle. It should always be antifreeze, but make sure this is definitely true in the winter.

Screenwash, also with antifreeze, should remain topped up in winter. This is when the roads, and therefore our cars, get most dirty and so ensuring good visibility at all times is key.

Finally, it may sound unusual, but making sure your air conditioning is recharged is a great idea for winter as air conditioning can help to de-mist windows quickly.

On the Ground

Tyres, naturally, are one of the most important things to take care of for winter. At the very least, you should make sure you are running all-year tyres in great condition (inflated to the right pressure and with ample tread remaining). We recommend you also look into acquiring winter tyres, though, as they can drastically improve safety in the tricky, winter conditions.


Make sure all of the lights on your vehicle are working optimally at all times, but double check as we approach winter as the nights get longer. Headlights, high beams, indicators, fog lights, and parking lights need to all be working and working well to help you see and help other drivers see you.

Preparedness Kit

Finally, we recommend keeping a preparedness kit in your boot. This should include things such as warm clothes, gloves, and a torch at a bare minimum. However, it can, and perhaps should, include items such as a snow shovel, blankets, socks, and winter/wellington boots.

Breakdowns are usually unexpected, so it pays dividends to be prepared for the worst – especially as the conditions worsen.

Winter Service

Many drivers also look to booking their car in for a service before winter hits as it can help to check for any common problems that need to be resolved before conditions become difficult.

Ken’s Autos

For all of the work you need on your car, including everything from recharging your air conditioning, to fitting new tyres, to a full service, contact Ken’s Autos. You can call us on 01883 622 069 or 0208 763 0102, or fill out our simple contact form and we should be able to help you prepare for driving in winter.